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      Spring Garden Ideas and Activities

      From inspiration to enjoyment, 12 ways to make the most of your spring garden

      16 Spring Vegetables

      From artichokes to turnips, there are plenty of veggies to grow in your spring garden

      All-Star Spring Flowers

      The best flowering bulbs and perennials for early- to late-spring color

      Spring Gardening Tips and Chores

      Get advice for waking up the garden for the new growing season

      11 Inspired Spring Gardening Ideas

      Bring on spring and enjoy your garden anew with these creative ideas from garden experts and enthusiasts across the web. We recently chatted with some of our favorite designers, authors, and retailers who told us what they’re excited about this season.

      Spring Wildflowers

      What could be more beguiling — or more intrinsically American — than masses of trout lily, trillium, Dutchman’s breeches and Virginia bluebells carpeting the woodland floor in early spring?

      18 Stunning & Offbeat Spring Blooming Bulbs

      Expand your horizons with easy-to-grow "geophytes" that offer toughness, drought tolerance, and brilliant blooms

      Five Spring Planting Ideas

      Tim Pollak, outdoor floriculturist at the Chicago Botanic Garden, shares five design tips that will jumpstart your spring garden

      Spring Greens

      As any kitchen gardener knows, you can't beat a salad made of greens picked the same day

      How to Create a Container Planting

      Bring fresh style to your garden this spring with the perfect container garden

      Perennial Garden Design

      Spring is a great time to plant perennials so that they can establish before the crippling heat of summer sets in

      17 Hellebore Flowers for Early Blooms in Your Garden

      “Hellebores are among the earliest and certainly the most exquisite flowers in the spring garden,” says landscape craftsman Jerry Fritz

      Delightful Daffodils

      In open areas, let daffodils naturalize along meadows and fences, spreading their cheerful white and gold swaths for a host of springs to come

      Flowering Cherry Trees

      Ornamental cherry trees herald the coming of spring with a profusion of pink blossoms

      Botanic Notables: Purple-Leaf Plum Tree

      Pale confetti blows through the sidewalks, and a riot of pink blossoms fill the streets-it's springtime, and the cherry plum (purple-leaf) trees are delighted

      Botanic Notables: Texas Bluebonnets

      Have you enjoyed the blue rolling hills of a springtime in Texas?

      Summer Gardens
      Fall Garden Ideas
      Winter Gardening

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