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      Looking for a sure thing? These outstanding plants are a great place to start! Proven Winners has selected their very best annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs and more for their National Plant of the Year award program.


      Annual of the Year

      USDA ZONES 10A-11B

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      The three euphorbias in this collection produce dainty white flowers that bloom from spring until frost. You can plant them in garden beds and or containers, and they mingle well with other plants. Since they’re heat tolerant, drought tolerant, and self-cleaning, maintenance is a breeze. Height and spread of the euphorbia in this series ranges from 12 to 36 inches.


      Perennial of the Year

      USDA ZONES 4A-9B

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      Bring hummingbirds to your garden with lacy-like bluish-purple flowers that bloom from the middle of summer through the middle of fall. This low-maintenance plant’s only requirements are well-draining soil, sun, and a pruning in spring. Can reach about 32 inches high and spread to about 38 inches.


      Landscape Shrub of the Year

      USDA ZONES 5A-9B

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      Its dense, ball-shaped qualities make this inkberry look more like a boxwood than a traditional inkberry, which is typically a bit more scraggly. While other cultivars sometimes appear bare at the bottom, Gem Box maintains good branching down to the ground. It can reach 36 inches high and wide, but you can trim it to your preferred size.


      Hosta of the Year

      USDA ZONES 3A-9B

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      During summer, this hosta’s thick, wavy-edged gold leaves become brighter in morning sun. Though its main appeal is its foliage, it produces lovely pale violet flowers in summer. Like most hostas, it should be grown in shade and planted in moist, organically enriched soil. It can reach 30 inches high and has a spread of about 36 inches.


      Rose of the Year

      USDA ZONES 4A-9B

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      Deep-red roses sit atop long stems, helping them rise above the foliage to create a notable display. Deadheading isn’t required—the blooms just keep on coming. Since this rose bush has foliage that’s resistant to powdery mildew and black spot, it looks good all season. The shrub can reach 48 inches in height and spread.


      Hydrangea of the Year

      USDA ZONES 3A-8A

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      Ruby red and silvery pink florets make a spectacular display on each flower head of Invincibelle Ruby smooth hydrangea. Sturdy stems, dark green foliage, and the fact that it’s a strong rebloomer makes this a must-have hydrangea. Height and spread can reach 48 inches.


      Flowering Shrub of the Year

      USDA ZONES 5A-9B

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      Blue flowers are a rare sight to see, but Blue Chiffon gives you blue lacy blooms atop elegant stems from summer through fall. Its flowers, which attract birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds, have a delicate lacy center, giving it an anemone-like look. This heat- and drought-tolerant shrub gets big, sometimes reaching 12 feet high and 6 feet wide.


      Container Combinations

      All-Season Performance

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      Growing gorgeous plants in containers is easy when you follow reliable recipes like these. Proven Winners has assembled five flower combinations to keep your outdoor living spaces bright and beautiful all season long.


      Annual, Perennial, Shrub

      Past Winners

      See last year's winning plants:
      Lemon Coral? sedum (pictured)
      Summerific? ‘Berry Awesome’ hibiscus
      Low Scape? mound aronia
      Plus container recipes for spring, summer and fall.

      Candidates for Proven Winners’ National Plants of the Year are judged stringently by growers, retailers and home gardeners against the following criteria:

      • Easy to grow
      • Iconic
      • Readily available
      • Outstanding landscape performance

      Learn more about these award-winning plants at nationalplantoftheyear.com.

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