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      Are you looking to increase your gardening knowledge but don't know where to begin? We've rounded up some of the best online gardening classes, whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener, to get you started! Check back often as class offerings may change!

      Design | Basics | Container Gardens | Plants | Succulents | Edible Gardens
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      Designing a Deer-Resistant Garden

      $47 - Karen Chapman
      One of her most popular courses, get deer-resistant design strategies and plant combinations, as well as a virtual tour of her own deer-resistant garden.

      Designing Elegant Edible Gardens

      $19.99 - Ellen Ecker Ogden
      In this 105-minute course, you’ll learn how to create a well-designed edible garden with Ellen Ecker Ogden as your instructor.

      Year-Round Beauty: Growing a Layered Garden

      $19.99 - David Culp
      In this 6-part course, David Culp will teach you how to create a layered garden using texture, color and repetition.

      Build a Critter-Resistant Vegetable Garden

      $12 - Karen Chapman
      Get detailed design notes and plans to build your own critter-resistant garden, geared toward experienced woodworkers.

      A Striking Sustainable Flower Garden by Design

      $13.95 - Kerry Ann Mendez
      Learn how to create a planet-friendly garden that welcomes pollinators, plus get tips on saving water and maintaining healthy soil.

      Flower Gardening Simplified Budget-Wise & Time-Saving

      $13.95 - Kerry Ann Mendez
      Not only will you learn budget-wise & time-saving tips, but also about flowers for all lighting conditions and attracting pollinators.

      Garden Design Lessons From Around the World

      $13.95 - Kerry Ann Mendez
      Plan out your next garden makeover with design inspiration from gardens around the world. Plus, get plant ideas for Zones 3-8.

      Designing Small Gardens with Big Attitudes

      $13.95 - Kerry Ann Mendez
      Get lots of color in your small garden with no-fuss perennials, flowering shrubs, evergreens and annuals, plus sustainable practices for pollinators.

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      Secrets to Selecting Low Maintenance Plants

      $15 - Karen Chapman
      Discover low-maintenance plant combinations, and see what plants she relies on time after time.

      A Gardener's Guide to Growing Roses

      $19.99 - Paul Zimmerman
      Tips on planting, watering, fertilizing, and more from the consultant to the Biltmore Estate.

      Everything About Orchids

      FREE - Longwood Gardens
      Longwood Gardens offers this 10 hour, self-paced series for free, so if you want to learn about orchids, this is your opportunity!

      Everything About Aquatics

      FREE - Longwood Gardens
      Tim Jennings, Senior Horticulturist at Longwood Gardens, will show you how they care for their renowned collection of aquatic plants.

      Houseplant Masterclass

      $179 - Summer Rayne Oakes
      This masterclass features over 8 hours of audio and visual learning to help you become a “plant ninja” with houseplant growing, care and cultivation techniques.

      Captivating Flowering Vines

      $13.95 - Kerry Ann Mendez
      Learn about annual, woody and perennial flowering vines and design ideas for incorporating them into your garden.

      Bold & Fine Foliage Plants

      $13.95 - Kerry Ann Mendez
      Kerry Ann Mendez helps you navigate the endless possibilities of choosing plants for foliage, plus provides plant pairings to create a stunning garden.

      Flowering Shrubs

      $13.95 - Kerry Ann Mendez
      Learn how to add winter interest, drama, and color to your garden with these flowering shrubs. You’ll also get pruning and design tips!

      Plants for Shade Gardens

      $13.95 - Kerry Ann Mendez
      Just because you don’t have a sunny garden doesn’t mean you can’t have perennials, flowering shrubs, annuals, bulbs and flowering vines!

      Not Your Grandma’s Hydrangeas

      $13.95 - Kerry Ann Mendez
      Perfect for anyone who loves hydrangeas! Learn about the five common species, how to grow and care for these stunning plants. You’ll be the envy of your neighborhood!

      Powerhouse Perennials That Work Overtime

      $13.95 - Kerry Ann Mendez
      These perennial plants are the superheroes of the gardens! Learn about natives as well as new plants for Zones 3-9 and all light conditions.

      Radical Perennials: Nonstop Color! No Fuss!

      $13.95 - Kerry Ann Mendez
      Want color month after month in your garden? These perennials are low-maintenance plus attract pollinators—what more could you ask for?!

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